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Over 350,000 signatures

Thank you. Through the hard work of faithful community leaders and volunteers like you, CCO and Missouri Faith Voices collected over 50,000 signatures to get Cap the Rate and Raise the Wage on the ballot in November.

On Sunday afternoon, our coalition delivered more than 350,000 signatures to the Secretary of State’s office in Jefferson City — nearly twice the requirement. Every one of those signatures was hard fought.

We gathered signatures in 98-degree weather, the humidity settling in our bones. And we gathered signatures in torrential downpour, huddled beneath a bus stop shelter to protect our petition boards.

We didn’t stop when the shadowy front group for the payday lending industry sent our congregations threatening letters. We didn’t stop when they hired burly thugs to bully us on the streets of southern Missouri. We didn’t stop when they busted an organizer’s car window and stole over 5,000 volunteer-gathered signatures, and we didn’t stop when we hit our 30,000 signature goal.

We walked the land, met the people, saw how they bleed day in and day out in every corner of this state. We met single moms making $3.63 an hour and retired schoolteachers bankrupted by a payday debt trap.

With the stroke of a pen on a petition board, we gave people the power to achieve their own economic dignity.

This is a movement, brothers and sisters, and over 100 clergy, 700 community leaders, 3,000 volunteer hours, and 50,000 signatures later, we won’t stop until we reach the promised land. Thank you for your leadership. We couldn’t have done it without you.


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