Seek the Lord – What Does God Command?

Isaiah 55:6-11

Complacency is a ruthless enemy

How do we “seek the Lord?” How do we know we’ve “found” the Lord? Is it through reading and studying the Scripture? Is it in prayer? Worship? Do we read the books of the great theologians? Probably all of the above. Do we also seek the Lord, the word of the Lord, the will of the Lord, when we see suffering? When we see injustice? When we see greed and violence and obscenity? Are we more keenly aware of the presence of God when actions or conditions around us cry out to us? Stop the madness! Deep within our conscience, God’s word, and God’s will, make themselves known.

The Prophet calls us to seek higher thoughts, higher ways. Complacency may be the most ruthless and powerful enemy of God’s will in our world. Those who make laws oppress further those whom are already the most oppressed. And they make laws that favor those whom are already the most favored within our society. Complacent? How can it even be an option for those who “seek the Lord?” Those who listen to the Lord’s voice, who dream of God’s vision for humanity.

The Word of God descends on the earth like the rains, like the snows, falling from heaven above. Some of the rain falls on concrete, making its way to the drainage ditches. But some of the rain reaches the seeds of hope, the roots of justice, and new life in the Lord begins to sprout. We hear the words over and over, “do justice, love kindness, walk humbly.” “The Word became flesh, full of grace and truth.” “He will not judge by what his eyes see.” And we’re moved yet again, reminded of a higher calling, of higher ways and higher thoughts. Do we dare ask, what would God have us do?

Do we dare to speak that which our heart has accepted as the word of God? Read the verses again. Isaiah speaks of mercy and pardon. And of God’s word accomplishing that which is purposed by God. Isaiah identifies the wicked and the unrighteous and asks for our return, our repentance, our coming home to faithfulness, justice, peace and goodwill for all God’s children, especially those who are weak and hurting.

Prayer: Almighty God, who calls us through the prophets, speak now, come near. Let us hear again your holy word. Let us see again, ever more clearly, your vision for creation. And let us witness to our faith in word and deed, trusting in your grace and strength.

Rev Jim Bryan, Retired United Methodist Minister and Missouri Faith Voices Board Member

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