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Immigration Update: 10-23-13

Sara John, CCO’s lead immigration community organizer, has launched a weekly email immigration update series. The purpose of these emails is to: 1) provide a brief review of any movement of immigration reform at the federal level, including any responses or participation from our local representatives and senators; 2) share the progress of our local initiatives to support immigrants in our community; and 3) invite you to participate in upcoming events and activities, and further your involvement in this life-changing work. All emails will be sent in English and Spanish, on a weekly or bi-weekly basis as appropriate, and will be logged on the CCO blog as well. We’ll keep them brief – so if you’re thirsting for more information, just contact Sara John ( for more details.

National Update:
• On October 2, Democrats in the House of Representatives introduced a comprehensive immigration reform bill that includes a pathway to citizenship! The bill, HR 15, is called “The Border Security, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Modernization Act”, and has received the support of almost 200 representatives! We need: at least 217 “yes” vote commitments in order for the bill to pass the House, and we need Speaker John Boehner to give the House an opportunity to vote on it.
• HR 15 includes three pathways to citizenship for the 11 million undocumented immigrants in the US, varying from 5-15 year wait-times to obtain citizenship but offering provisional status and residency sooner.
• Congressman Emanuel Cleaver II has signed on as a co-sponsor of the bill! Thank you, Representative Cleaver!

Local Update:
• On October 5, we participated in a National Day of Action for Citizenship, and almost 100 community members and leaders joined our community potluck event and gathered in solidarity with tens of thousands of immigrants across the nation. We heard some powerful stories of children of undocumented immigrants, and situated our work for social justice and immigration reform in our faith values. Thank you to Brandon, Nicky and Israel for sharing their testimonies! Thank you also to Mi Mercado for donating generous food and supplies necessary for our potluck, and thank you to St. Peter’s Church in Brookside for opening their doors to us and inviting us into their space. Great work!
• The immigration leadership team is in the process of developing our plan for the fall and looking forward into 2014. More updates coming soon!

Upcoming Opportunities:
• Mass and Rosary for Immigration Reform (in Spanish): every Friday, 7pm; Guadalupe Chapel, 901 Cesar Chavez Ave., Kansas City, MO 64108
• Interested in organizing a team or event at your church? Email Sara John,

“You have been told, O man, what is good, and what the LORD requires of you: Only to do right and to love goodness, and to walk humbly with your God.”
-Micah 6:8


Sara John, la organizadora de la comunidad en asuntos migratorios, ha empezado una serie de correos electrónicos sobre el tema de inmigración. El propósito de estos correos electrónicos es: 1) proveerles con una resumen breve de cualquier progreso al nivel federal en la reforma migratoria, incluyendo cualquiera respuesta o participación de nuestros representantes y senadores locales; 2) compartir con Ustedes el progreso de nuestras iniciativas locales para apoyar a los inmigrantes en nuestra comunidad; y, 3) invitarles a participar en próximos eventos y actividades, y aumentar su participación en este trabajo que cambia la vida. Todos los correos electrónicos estarán escritos en inglés y español, cada semana o cada quince días, como sea adecuado. Serán lo breve posible, así que si les queda con sed de saber más, no más comuníquese con Sara John ( y le damos más detalles!

Noticias nacionales:
• El 2 de Octubre, los Demócratas en la Cámara de representantes presentaron un proyecto de ley de la reforma migratoria comprensiva que incluye un camino hacia la ciudadanía! El proyecto de ley, HR 15, se titula “El Acta de Seguridad Fronteriza, Oportunidad Económica y Modernización de Inmigración”, y ha recibido el apoyo de casi 200 representantes! Necesitamos: por lo menos 217 compromisos de votos al favor de la ley para que sea aprobada por la Cámara, y necesitamos que John Boehner, el Presidente de la Cámara de Representantes, ofrezca a la Cámara la oportunidad de votar en el HR 15.
• HR 15 incluye tres caminos hacia la ciudadanía para los 11 millones de migrantes indocumentados en los EEUU, y cada camino tarda entre 5-15 años para obtener la ciudadanía, pero cada uno ofrece una estatus provisional y residencia permanente más pronto.
• El Congresista Emanuel Cleaver II ha expresado su apoyo de HR 15! Muchas gracias, Representante Cleaver!

Noticias locales:
• El 5 de octubre, participamos en un Día de acción nacional para la ciudadanía, y casi 100 miembros y líderes de nuestra comunidad participaron en nuestro evento de comida compartida, en solidaridad con decenas de miles de inmigrantes a través de todo el país. Escuchamos las historias de algunos niños de padres indocumentados, y situamos nuestro trabajo para la justicia social y la reforma migratoria en nuestra fe. Les agradecemos a Brandon, Nicky y Israel por compartir sus testimonios! Además, les agradecemos a Mi Mercado por haber donado mucha comida para el evento y a la parroquia St. Peter’s en Brookside para abrir sus puertas y habernos invitado a usar su espacio. Buen trabajo!
• El equipo de líderes de asuntos migratorios está en el proceso de desarrollar nuestro plan para el otoño y visión para el 2014. Más noticias vienen en el próximo e-mail!

Próximas oportunidades:
• Misa y rosario para la reforma migratoria (en español): todos los viernes, a las 7pm; la Capilla de Guadalupe, 901 Cesar Chavez Ave., Kansas City, MO 64108
• Está interesado en formar un equipo o tener un evento en su iglesia? Comuníquese con Sara John,

“Se te ha indicado, hombre, qué es lo bueno y qué exige de ti el Señor: nada más que practicar la justicia, amar la fidelidad y caminar humildemente con tu Dios.”
-Miqueas 6:8


It’s Time to Bring Health Reform Home


“Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane.” 
– Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  
As people of faith, we believe that quality, affordable health care is a right endowed to all human beings.
Beginning October 1, 2013, hundreds of thousands of uninsured people in Missouri and Kansas gained the opportunity to enroll in affordable health insurance plans thanks to the Affordable Care Act. Meanwhile, regular people are still struggling to gain access to critical health services because the Missouri and Kansas legislatures refused to expand Medicaid. We are called to care for the least of these among us, and will not stop until all people have access to quality and affordable health insurance.
People of all faiths share common hopes: being able to afford a doctor when they are sick, a health care provider that puts people first, and the opportunity to live long, healthy lives. This hope cannot  be realized without the unwavering commitment and guidance of communities of faith. Please join us.
We are building teams of faith-based grassroots leaders who can engage in door-to-door canvassing in targeted neighborhoods near their congregations and within their communities. If you would like to volunteer to be a part of this movement, please let us know by clicking here:
Sign Up Button  
Upcoming opportunities:
Saturday, October 19 – 10am-2pm at 2400 Troost, Suite 4600  
Saturday, October 25 -10am-2pm at 2400 Troost, Suite 4600
For more information, contact Kathryn Evans at 816-866-5358 or
Thanks for all you do,Kathryn, Deth, Alice, and the rest of the CCO team

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