Everyone Has a Story


It started with a broken ankle, and a $500 payday loan, and ended in a three-year ordeal that cost Elliott and his family more than $30,000.

When his wife slipped on some ice and broke her ankle, Elliott needed to find a way to pay for the hospital bill. Running short of options, he took out a loan from a payday lender. Two weeks later, with his wife sidelined from work with no disability or insurance, he had to roll the loan over – and the cycle began. One loan turned into two, into three, as each needed to roll over to pay that initial loan – plus $50 fees and interest.

He never missed a payment on the loans. But with all of his income being sucked away through fees and crushing interest rates, something had to give.

That something was his house.

The bank repeatedly refused to work with the Marine Corps veteran, and when payments started slipping below the required minimums, they foreclosed.

All from one broken ankle. And one payday loan.

Everyone has a story. At Communities Creating Opportunity, we’re seeing more than ever just how connected our stories are – how the refusal to expand Medicaid leaves families like Elliot’s out in the cold, at the mercy of predatory lenders and their exorbitant interest rates. How one broken ankle leads to devastation.

These problems are connected, and so are the solutions. Our work on healthcare, on payday loans, on citizenship – everything we do is focused on restoring the dignity of each of God’s children into the center of our laws and our society.

Recently, you may have received a letter asking you to support our mission to bring people of all faiths together to build relationships, develop strong leaders, and improve the quality of life in our communities. Please consider making a gift today.


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