Clergy Statement: End of the Missouri 2014 Legislative Session

As clergy representing hundreds of congregations throughout Missouri, we represent and transcend every racial, geographic, political, and class barrier across our state.

We stand united in a shared moral vision: we are called to imagine something better for our communities. We believe that every person in our state is a child of God, born with an inherent dignity that must be respected. Whether in our laws or our businesses, human dignity must be the measure by which our institutions are evaluated.

We are in the Capitol today, the last day of the 2014 legislative session, in a sprit of lamentation.

It is heartbreaking to see how far our elected officials are caught in ideological captivity. There is no good reason at all to deny 300,000 Missourians lifesaving healthcare. Something has gone horribly wrong when two or three senators can sacrifice the lives of 700 Missourians and call it liberty. Blocking a vote on Medicaid expansion is not ideological bravery, it is moral catastrophe.

We lament the injustice of inaction by politicians locked in ideological captivity.

We witness the pain of 300,000 vulnerable Missourians who are already living sicker and dying younger.

And we mourn the anticipated deaths of 700 of our neighbors, many who are the people in our pews.

Therefore, with deep passion, we commit ourselves anew, as faith leaders, to move human dignity to the center of public life in our state. Medicaid expansion remains a moral imperative!


The Rev. Dr. John Bennett, Jefferson City

The Rev. Dr. Wallace Hartsfield, Kansas City


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