Giving Thanks, Giving Opportunity

2014 has been a challenging year for families across the world.
Even in our home state of Missouri, community pain has exploded into headlines across the country.
But at CCO, where we see hope is in the quiet work of organizing, building up everyday people into powerful leaders who will change the world. Leaders who helped stop the payday loan industry in its tracks, or challenged the Secretary of Homeland Security eye-to-eye about an immoral and broken immigration system. Leaders who issued a moral call to save hundreds of lives each year by expanding access to healthcare.
We’ve been able to do this work for 37 years because people of conscience like you have given so generously. Click here to donate to CCO. Even 7 dollars will help fuel our efforts to move human dignity to the center of public life.
Thank you for your continued support.
Eva Creydt Schulte
PS: Our annual appreciation event is Dec 18 from 4:00-6:30pm. Drop on by and join us to see highlights of a powerful year and get a preview of what’s in store for 2015.

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