The Jobs Report from Troost

Today the labor department issued another upbeat report on jobs in the US economy: more jobs added in February, employment is down.
But that report doesn’t match up with what I experience as a pastor in Kansas City, and it’s not the story we shared with dozens of faith and community leaders as we gathered yesterday to issue our own report on the Kansas City economy. In the last 14 years, workers weren’t just denied a raise, the median wage actually went down.

As Wednesday’s Ferguson report revealed how African-Americans are receiving dangerously unequal treatment by justice systems in Missouri, our report revealed how they are receiving dangerously unequal treatment by our economy: black unemployment in Missouri is at 12.6% – more than twice the rate of white unemployment.

Every day local policymakers and business leaders make decisions that determine how our economy treats people. What we need is a true measure of success that guides those choices- in a week of record highs in the stock market, how are everyday working moms and dads able to raise a family in today’s economy?

To that end, we are calling for a moral economy that values the sacred dignity of every person.


  • Wages cover the costs of raising a family
  • Everyone has access to affordable credit in their communities
  • Your race does not determine your likelihood of being unemployed.
It’s time to call on local policy makers to work with us to confront the economic challenges our working families face everyday. In the coming weeks we’ll be reaching out to your about our Covenant for a Moral Economy and how you can sign-on. In the meantime, find out how you can take action right now here!
In faith,
The Reverend Stan Runnels
Rector, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
Kansas City, Missouri

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